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Trying to think about a sociology essay topic may turn out to be either really difficult or very easy, for the reason that it is one of the most vaguely outlined sciences in existence. Virtually anything that has something to do with human activities may be treated as an object for sociological research – from such topics for sociology essay as influence of video games on a person’s psyche and acceptability of smoking in public to the influence of AIDS on public consciousness. It is up to you to decide whether you are excited about the freedom you are given or dumbfounded by all the possibilities.

If it is not enough for you then there is a way to broaden this list of topics for sociology essay even more – when dealing with something that isn’t immediately connected with sociology you may simply add words “sociological approach” and that will justify the incongruity in the majority of cases.

An alternative choice of sociology essay topics is to make the subject of the essay sociology itself and ways it may be approached. There is still no unanimous opinion even on how to define this science and a number of people are even doubtful about calling sociology a science – there is surely a lot of material to dwell upon.

Particular people and their influence on sociological thought very often make great sociology essay topics. You take a person (e.g., Ayn Rand) and write everything about what, according to your opinion, was the influence of this person on sociology, public consciousness and so on. The good thing with this sociology essay topic is that you may choose virtually anyone and prove that he or she had this influence.

As you may see, the choice of topics is wide and depends only on your own creativity.

Written on November 8th, 2010

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