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Discrimination is very prominent to our society. Discrimination happens when someone treats other people as an inferior one. This happens because he thinks that he is the superior type of being and no one can ever surpass him. Discrimination also occurs because of one’s great pride. It is like killing someone emotionally. The most widespread form of discrimination is the discrimination between males and females or also known as gender discrimination.

Before we talk more of gender discrimination, we should talk about the two genders that are involved in gender discrimination. The first kind of gender is the masculine or male gender. Examples of people under the male gender are your dad, your brothers, your boyfriend, your husband, priests, actors; even gays are under the male gender. Males, biologically speaking, are the one who gives sperm cells to females so females can give birth. In our society, they are the one who earns money for the family. They are the one who manipulates the society more often, and they are the one who are more capable of analytical thinking. They usually have the instrumental type of leadership wherein they focus more on the completion of the tasks given to his subordinates.

The feminine gender or females in short are the opposite form of males. They are your mom, most of your teachers, your sisters, your girlfriend, your wife, nuns etc. Biologically speaking, they are the ones who give birth to people like you and me. They are the ones, who often stay at home, doing household chores, and taking care of their children and their husbands, they are the ones who budgets their husband’s salaries. They are more of the emotional type of person, because most of the time, they use their hearts in making decisions. They usually have the expressive type of leadership wherein they focus more on her subordinate’s well-being.

Males discriminating females is the most common form of gender discrimination. One real example of this discrimination is when females are not allowed to vote and they are also not allowed to go to school and study. Females also are not given the right to voice out in the society. And they just serve their husbands and it is their husbands who will decide what is right for them not even asking what their wives really want. Females do not have the right to decide for themselves.

On the other hand, females discriminating males are very rare and unusual. One example of this is when females think that a male is a gay when he is the one doing all the household chores and any girl stuffs. Also discrimination exists with the Amazons, they kill someone if that person is a male, or they throw away their offspring if it is a male. It is very rare and hard to find situations in which females are discriminating males.

The discrimination of females by the males was rooted hundreds of years ago when the only purpose of the females was to do household chores and that they do not have the right to mingle with the society in terms of manipulating it. Such things happened because males believed that they are the only ones who are capable of thinking critically and intelligently. They also thought that they are the ones who are destined to manipulate the society. Males also thought that females is not capable of having a critical and analytical mind and that they always decide based on their feelings and not based on situations. And males thought that females’ minds are just capable of doing household chores, embroidering clothes, and taking care of little children.

As an effect, females have gained only a little mind development for critical and analytical thinking. And that is why most of the females today are more capable of just doing the household chores. As you can see today, most of the time, females are the ones who are just staying at home most of the time. And most of the person tat works as servants are females because they are the ones who often do the household chores. There are some times that females are being abused or not being prioritized because males are confident that females can not voice out what they wanted to say. Females in the early times are not allowed to go to school.

But the truth is males and females are equal to each other. They are both human beings that can feel and think. Both are also good analytical thinkers and there are also times that males ask advices from females and vice versa. There are things that females can do but males can not like giving birth and males can do some things that female can not like doing heavy works. That is why we should treat both genders equally and both give them enough, and equal rights. In short, discrimination should stop.

These days, both genders have enough and equal rights. Females can already voice out their ideas to the society. An example of these rights given to females is that they are already given the chance to vote. Also, females can now go to school and study what males are also studying. Females can also do male’s work like providing for the family, and managing businesses and other economic activities. If these things continue to happen, there is a very great chance for gender discrimination to disappear in our improving society.

Discrimination can be called as an emotional killer because it really hurts someone else’s feelings. Sad to say, that there are other forms of discrimination that is very abundant to our society. But we can do something, it is to stop from discriminating others and we must learn to respect others and treat others equally.

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