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Presentation can simply imply the way someone expresses his or her ideas and thoughts with the aim of getting understood by the relevant audience. Presentation has failed many individuals in the corporate sectors especially the managers and student who may have a good custom project to present but they lack the basic presentation skills. Managers, students, facilitators and even talk show personnel who have poor presentation skills are perceived to be boring and cold however good the orator skills the individual has. To present is a two way traffic communication, in that essence there is mutual understanding and expression of ideas in regard to the topic of interest.  Managers mostly use presentation as a formal method of getting the staff and workgroups together for the purposes of planning, monitoring and reviewing the progress made in a project or reaching the organizational target. This is because presentation has the capacity of showing evidence to the progress made in the custom papers; it initiates discussion and brings about the value of decision making thus it makes the staff to be easily convinced about the plan of action that is being pursued. Kudos to software giant company, the Microsoft who unveiled a graphically oriented format of a presentation program that comes in the office software package that creates, organizes and manipulates information as per the custom of the user. These programs displays content inform of graphic images and roll them up in a slideshow. The computer thus can be connected to a projector which is mounted on a high wall and gives out a video image of what is to be presented. A good presentation is not how much decoration graphics is used in the creation of a slide show but how much the human element is involved in the powerpoint presentation session.

Written on November 24th, 2011

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