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Everyone dreams of entering college. However, alongside with college fun and campus parties there is one more important thing – studies! As a student, you will be required to write essays, research papers and theses. These types of academic papers make it possible to evaluate student’s knowledge on certain subjects and in certain areas, as well as to assess his/her writing and/or research skills.

Students with sociology as their major have to write sociology essays and research papers from time to time. A sociology thesis is usually written upon completion of studies. It will reflect student’s knowledge and ability to express own thoughts in a written form. A thesis in sociology does not differ much from other thesis and dissertation types. Traditionally, it consists of a research proposal, introduction, description of chosen research methods, body (with analysis and arguments related to the subject matter, numerical and sociological data) and conclusion.

Any thesis in sociology must be supported by statistical and sociological information. Very often, a sociology thesis is based on sociological studies performed by student or a group of students. That is why theoretical information should be combined with data received as a result of practical studies. If a student is required to express his own viewpoint on a certain issue or fact, he or she must support it with researches performed by prominent scholars and sociologists.

Structure and thesis outline are another things to be considered when writing thesis in sociology. Make sure you have a comprehensive thesis structure before sitting down to work. The flow of your thoughts should be logical and consistent. Pay a special attention to required reference style (for example, MLA, APA or Chicago), and if you have any questions study this issue using the power of the Internet.  Also, make sure you spend enough time collecting materials and sources of information, as well as planning your thesis.

Written on November 15th, 2010

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