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Sociology Essay Editing and Writing Tips for Beginners   no comments

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Sociology is basically the study of the human society around us. About how we interact and behave. It also deals with our development and structure etc as well as social relationships. For some this might be easy but for others, it is a headache.

Not everyone is equally good at writing this type of material but the best way to learn a thing is to observe how others, especially those who are expert in that field are doing it. Once you start grasping by observing them, you’ll be ready to do it on your own. There are many websites on internet which offers you free sociology essays to read from.

Gain knowledge and copy their writing pattern. Free sociology essays are available in a bulk on the internet. Just browse them by the topic which interests you. If you have an urgent school or college project coming up, you might find something which exactly fits into your topic.

If you are a beginner and are not confident enough about your writing, then there are thousands of essay editing websites to help you. After all, editing is one of the best ways to learn from your mistakes. Essay editing websites have professionals who are specialized and experienced in any given field. Even in sociology! So just write whatever you think is right, get it edited and within a matter of time you will yourself be capable enough to edit someone else’s work! Spending few dollars on learning something is what wise people do.

To start with, go for sociological imagination essays. Just think up of a relevant topic, go into its depth. Think over and over about it and try to understand different aspects of the situation. Imagine situations like what could be another possible outcome and so on. Next, get your errors edited and then start all over again with another situation.

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Sociology Essay Topics   no comments

Sociology deals with the study of society and human social behavior. The sociology essay questions normally deal with the social world that we are living and the significant problems of the social nature faced by the human beings. Most of the sociology essays are informative and argumentative and the basic problem for a student is choosing a topic while writing the sociology essay. Students can learn a lot through these essays and one should remember that it mainly deals with the psychology, human behavior, social sciences and humanities. Sociology essay questions are usually based on our day-to-day happenings in our lives and in the world.

Because of its social discipline and the sociology itself, writing essays on sociology guarantees hard times for students. Actually, a sociology paper could be very useful and also interesting. Before writing the essays on sociology, collect data relating to any social problem or condition. Immerse yourself in the topic and build arguments and also contradictions. Assemble the information into a logical structure and provide the evidence that you gathered for building the argument. The essay should be constructed in a way that it is entertaining to read and should provide enough facts to make the reader’s conclusions.

Students studying sociology will have to write a term paper at the end of their courses. Thus the free sociology papers are very useful for students to achieve better grades. It could be a lengthy paper which consumes a significant portion of a student’s grade. They could use these free essays to learn more about their content. Before writing a sociological essay, one should have the awareness of the society problems which could embrace numerous topics. It should be very creative and also develop ideas that you strongly believe. The essays should be more about critical thinking and application of concepts.

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Teen Violence in Schools Essay   no comments

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Ever since the Columbine massacre occurred, people were asking “why?” There were reports that the shooters did not fit in, had barely any extra-curricular activities, and had no parental influence, as their parents were always working or away. These were true, but how bad does it have to get until someone decides to take such drastic measures as these shooters did? At what age does a sense of violence grow in a person’s mind? Can it be prevented? Many questions need to be asked about teenage violence, and some will be answered.

“In Germany they came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a
Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up.” — Martin Niemoller, 1945. This quotation may get people thinking that W.W.II
was a long time ago, and it will not happen again; a Nazi regime will not try to gain power. Violence is everywhere; and there have been so many times that a teen could have spoken up because they knew of a school shooting, yet they did not. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” — George Santanyana. Maybe they did it out of fear, but because they did not speak up, many innocent people died.
Violence is a constant fact of life. And with more children growing up in a society where violence is becoming more acceptable, you must fear our future. Read the rest of this entry »

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Social Structure and Anomie Essay   no comments

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First and foremost, in order to properly interpret this article, it is imperative to understand what social structure means, as well as anomie. Social structure is the relatively stable pattern of social behavior, and anomie, is the societal condition in which norms break down and there is little moral guidance for individuals. After reading and grasping an understanding of the title of this article, I knew it was going to deal with the norms in society, and deviance, which causes norms to break down in society. After reading this article I must say that I did learn a great deal about social structure. The first part of the article dealt with patterns of cultural goals and institutional norms. There are several elements of social and cultural structures, but two are of immediate importance. The first one consists of culturally defined goals, purposes, and interests, held out as legitimate objectives for all or for diversely located members of the society. The second element of the cultural structure defines, regulated and controls the acceptable modes of reaching out for these goals. Turning from the cultural patterns, the article moves on to examine types of adaptation by individuals within the culture-bearing society. In this section I learned that there are five different types of adaptation in a society. They consist of: conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and last but not least rebellion. We then move on to the last part of the article and that is titled “The Strain Toward Anomie”. Furthermore, this section explains to the reader that the social structure we have examined produces a strain toward anomie and deviant behavior.

On a more personal note, my criticism towards this article fluctuates in many aspects. First of all, I found the article generally hard to understand and I found myself reading things over and over if not once but several times. For someone who does not know much about the topic of sociology presently like me, he or she would find it challenging to read this article and grasp a general understanding of it. Moreover, I think that the author Robert K. Merton can work on that, and modify things into simpler terms. On a more positive note, besides for the article being difficult to understand, it did have a lot of important information, and knowledgeable information as well. The author divided the article up into sections, which I do prefer, and he went into a great amount of detail on all of the topics, and did not leave on particular topic out to dry. The most important aspect however, was that I did learn from reading this article, furthermore it benefited me. It caused me to think, and really put things in my own words in order to make myself understand what the author was trying to get across to the reader in the article.

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Gender Discrimination essay   no comments

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Discrimination is very prominent to our society. Discrimination happens when someone treats other people as an inferior one. This happens because he thinks that he is the superior type of being and no one can ever surpass him. Discrimination also occurs because of one’s great pride. It is like killing someone emotionally. The most widespread form of discrimination is the discrimination between males and females or also known as gender discrimination.

Before we talk more of gender discrimination, we should talk about the two genders that are involved in gender discrimination. The first kind of gender is the masculine or male gender. Examples of people under the male gender are your dad, your brothers, your boyfriend, your husband, priests, actors; even gays are under the male gender. Males, biologically speaking, are the one who gives sperm cells to females so females can give birth. In our society, they are the one who earns money for the family. They are the one who manipulates the society more often, and they are the one who are more capable of analytical thinking. They usually have the instrumental type of leadership wherein they focus more on the completion of the tasks given to his subordinates.

The feminine gender or females in short are the opposite form of males. They are your mom, most of your teachers, your sisters, your girlfriend, your wife, nuns etc. Biologically speaking, they are the ones who give birth to people like you and me. They are the ones, who often stay at home, doing household chores, and taking care of their children and their husbands, they are the ones who budgets their husband’s salaries. They are more of the emotional type of person, because most of the time, they use their hearts in making decisions. They usually have the expressive type of leadership wherein they focus more on her subordinate’s well-being.

Males discriminating females is the most common form of gender discrimination. One real example of this discrimination is when females are not allowed to vote and they are also not allowed to go to school and study. Females also are not given the right to voice out in the society. And they just serve their husbands and it is their husbands who will decide what is right for them not even asking what their wives really want. Females do not have the right to decide for themselves. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sixties Drug Movement essay   no comments

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Since the mid 1960’s, when youthful drug use began to make headlines, the entire issue has been debated with growing emotion and hysteria on all sides. The communications media, in their overwhelming, exhaustive, and sometimes boring coverage of the drug problem, have given the general public a certain amount of insight into the nature of drug taking among today’s youth. Which drugs are being taken, how, when, where, and by whom are aspects of the issue which have been thoroughly discussed. The background leading to the current craze, the reasons why the young were and are so amenable to drug-taking, and the attitudes which have made drugs a symbol of the current generation have yet to be objectively analyzed, at least in the mass media. Too much emphasis is usually placed on one or two aspects or factors of the issue; the drug phenomenon of the late sixties is actually a very complex combination of the influence of specific people and events with the general social atmosphere and attitudes of an age of change and confusion.

Drug-taking has always existed in American society, but in this century it has basically been limited to certain elements: the ghetto dweller, the derelict, the drifter, certain individuals in the world of art, music, show business, and some wealthy, usually young and psychologically disturbed, thrill seekers (a few of which I encountered during my years at boarding school). The drug culture was hidden and ignored, alien to the vast American middle class. The Beatniks of the fifties and the pre-hippie types of the early sixties experimented with drugs, especially marijuana. Though many of these people were children of the middle-class, they represented a miniscule group and did not receive much publicity. When they were noticed, they were regarded with a mixture of amusement and contempt; no one paid much attention. Read the rest of this entry »