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Essay on Alcohol Abuse Among Teens   no comments

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In today’s society alcohol abuse among teenagers and college students is becoming a serious problem. “The total amount of alcohol consumed by college students each year is four hundred and thirty million gallons enough for every college and university in the United States to fill an Olympic size swimming pool.” (“Facts and Statistics”) Alcohol abuse can be defined as a pattern of excessive alcohol consumption that produces maladaptive behavioral changes … Read the rest

Categorization in the Media essay   no comments

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Categorization, the process by which distinct entities are treated as equivalent, is one of the most fundamental and pervasive cognitive activities. It is fundamental because categorization allows us to understand and make predictions about objects and events in our world. The problem of understanding what criteria are used to group together entities in the same category is indeed central in categorization. Though most works on this topic have proposed that … Read the rest

Essay on Domestic Violence in Gay/Lesbian Relationships   no comments

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In society today when a spouse is domestically abused it is frowned upon to the point of great punishment for the accused. The accused party is most likely convicted of domestic violence charges and most likely sentenced to prison or in drastic cases…even worse. The same instances occur in same-sex relationships everyday, but they are not looked upon in the same light. The violence is still frowned upon, but there … Read the rest