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There are literally thousands of topics or combination of topics that are all pointing towards sociology. It could be about sex, age, race or anything related to sociological and economic, cultural, political and religious aspects. You can even find more applied topics such as sociology essays on education or psychology, even. With so many sociological paper topics to find, you might be confused as to how to properly write this kind of paper. It is highly advised to look at the prescribed writing format proposed by the American Sociological Association as to how to start writing a sociology essay. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Never write in first person unless it is very crucial or if you are writing a direct quotation from someone. Writing sociological paper topics should also be in active voice and as much as possible, all words should be spelled out and not be written in abbreviated format.
  • The manuscript should be written in a style that follows clarity rules of straightforwardness, avoidance of jargon and common expressions. Finally, the content should be free from any forms of plagiarism.
  • Writing a sociology essay should be objective but it is possible that there are biases especially with the use of language. Therefore, in topics like gender, avoid using specific pronouns unless necessary. In aspects of race, avoid stereotyping and social profiling.
  • When it comes to the actual structure, remember that it should follow the common format of writing literature, methodology, as well as the rules on grammar, punctuation and other elements.
  • The literature and methods section of the manuscript are written in past tense while the results can be written in both past and present tense but should be properly used and not mixed up in a sentence or paragraph.