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Essay “Can Sociology be Called a Science?”   no comments

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Definite laws that dictate everything govern the natural world of such things as physics, chemistry and geology. These laws are observed through experimentation and study, which allows us to understand these ‘positive facts’. Many argue that the search for a collection of facts and laws should not be limited to the natural world, but extended to human society. One such person was French mathematician, Auguste Comte. In the nineteenth century … Read the rest

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Gender Discrimination essay   no comments

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Discrimination is very prominent to our society. Discrimination happens when someone treats other people as an inferior one. This happens because he thinks that he is the superior type of being and no one can ever surpass him. Discrimination also occurs because of one’s great pride. It is like killing someone emotionally. The most widespread form of discrimination is the discrimination between males and females or also known as gender … Read the rest